I am essentially a mathematician with a natural passion of science and technology who, for... strange reasons, landed his first job on the trading floor of a big international investment bank (ABN Amro). In the following years, while still in finance, the universe conspired to turn me towards software architecture / software engineering, and since there is no way in hell I would become a low paid academic researcher, I eventually decided to commit to a life of making the world a better funnier place through software. (That's like falling into the dark side for somebody with my education, but the dark side has its perks). I have learnt what it means to write correct code and designing systems by reading "The Art of Unix Programming" and "The Unix Haters Handbook". I obviously love Functional Programming.

I am a geek in the sense that I can dive into an abstract or a practical problem for hours and forget to eat while being at it, but I am also very good with people. Due to the excellent mentors I have been lucky to have during my first couple of jobs, I have a talent to navigate the sharky waters of the Corporate World. On this note, I am very much like Brantley Foster (Michael J. Fox) in the 1987 movie "The Secret of My Success". I can be ruthlessly pragmatic in my relationship with other people (the Eric Cartman within), but I am also very friendly and a team player.

I fall short of being a permanent HEART: Humble, Effective, Adaptable, Remarkable, and Transparent; because I am Humble only some days of the week..., and mostly by accident.

The person who the most contributed in shaping my professional personality was my female boss at Standard Bank.