Few of my attributes: mathematician, computer geek, hacker, teacher, workaholic, annoyingly perfectionist, OSX user, very enthusiastic, optimistic, happy, good friend, French, weblogger, opinionated, highly elitist (in Aaron's sense, see here), atheist, crypto-anarchist, chess player, double lines kites flyer (sport kites), individualist, egalitarian, unapologetically stratospherically picky with food, and probably lots of other things I don't remember right now...

I love fountain pens and only use Parker (Sonnet series). I read a lot about fundamental physics, astrophysics, evolutionary psychology, biology, and artificial intelligence. I like a variety of Classical music, Japanese pop, Hard Trance, Techno Hardcore, Uplifting Trance (eg. Gouryella) and Symphony Metal (e.g. Nightwish with Tarja Turunen). As I naturally tend to move and walk with a lot of feline grace, many people think that I am a professional dancer or gay (I take both as a compliment). I love South Park and very notably Eric Cartman (and more generally most cartoon shows). Literature wise, I enjoy the cyberpunk genre and more generally everything that addresses cyber warefare with style (e.g. Pat Cadigan, Masamune Shirow), but I also love space operas (a la Iain M. Banks, with lots of AI enabled space ships).

I usually do not associate myself to any particular subgroups, subcultures or religions.